Blueline Ltd is a company of outsourcing and offshoring services, having and experience of eight years regarding relocation Back Office activities and Business Process Outsourcing of main Italian companies.

Our pilot service “BLUDELEGO” refers to all activities of office, which requires the use of the terminal and / or phone as the main tool of work.
In particular, we are specialized in:

Order Entry for key managers (and / or the respective trading partners) and TLC Energy market including Telecom Italia, Vodafone, Wind, Fastweb, BT, H3G, Enel Energa, HeraComm, Green Network, Sorgenia and Illumia

electronic receipt of contracts proposals, orders (including voice) acquisition and purchase proposals from both the business market and the residential

order accuracy and completeness check and eventually, asking for the missing, incomplete or incorrect information

welcome call / check call / sell quality check

order introduction into CRM of the principal to purchase and “client/service” option activation

order tracking monitoring to full activation

Data Entry and correction of data entry, correcting database, electronic or telephone recover of missing and /or incomplete personal data

Tax compliance, empowerments drafting according to the model F24 and its introduction into the banking system (about 250,000 / year) for payment of taxes.

Administration & Accounting

Data Processing and Analysis


Secretary management agenda, transfers, contacts, refunds, events

Web Design & Social Media  in the design and implementation of web pages, graphics systems, e-commerce, branding, SEO management, web advertising

Programing PHP, MySQL, Javascript (jQuery), HTML, CSS, CMS as WordPress, Joomla