A.R. Group Ltd is the principal company of a number of companies operating in telecommunications, contact center services, secretary and BPO; CRM development, training, energy and energy efficiency.


Trade Media was founded in 2000 from the experience of an entrepreneurs group coming from the field of telecommunications.
The company was created with the specific purpose of supporting one of the most organized branched structures and sales operating throughout Italy.
Later we faced the new challenges emerging markets, introducing alongside the traditional activities of telemarketing TLC business activities related to the residential market, the energy sector (Enel, Edison, ENI), IT, tourism sector events and mediation officer, with a more extensive teleselling activity (teletu, telecom Italia and Wind-Infostrada).
Finally, in order to support our partners and post-sale, we developed a textual ad hoc back office which aims to introduce proposals for direct contract information systems of customers or their representatives.

Currently, the group comprises over 850 work places and 1,000 human resources, a portfolio of consolidated and continuously growing customers, a structured organization with a high intellectual and professional profile.

Staff training is one of the key points of our work, scripts and interviews are updated continuously, in collaboration with the customer and in accordance with market requirements.
Also, due to our choice of CRM “monitor”, designed to be a point of continuous exchange of information between us, the customer and its network of sales, our customers can manage, plan and be successful in their activity totally independent.